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Smoking of tobacco during pregnancy is believed to lower the birth weight of the fetus and is also associated with placenta praevia , abruptio placentae, and elevated maternal blood pressure. In response to these demands, the liver increases in size and weight, and its blood vessels become larger, but otherwise its anatomic structure changes relatively little during pregnancy. Retention of large amounts of electrolytes , particularly sodium , accompanies the increase in the amount of body fluids. The layer of endometrium closest to the encroaching conceptus forms, with remnants of the invading syncytiotrophoblast, a thin plate of cells known as the decidua basalis, the maternal component of the mature placenta; it is cast off when the placenta is expelled. In some women, particularly those who have borne children, lightening does not occur until the onset of labour. An adequate maternal diet is necessary to ensure proper fetal development as well as to maintain the health of the mother.
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In most European countries an ultrasound scan is routinely included in obstetric examinations, but, although it is widely used in the United States and Canada , its inclusion in standard prenatal evaluations has not been recommended. Tags: ass bathroom beauty big boobs. These changes, which are believed to be caused primarily by the pressure of the uterus on the large blood vessels in the pelvis, are progressive during pregnancy and disappear after delivery. Tags: babe celebrity hairy hd. The part of the pancreas that secretes insulin , the islets of Langerhans , becomes larger.
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Pregnancy: Ovulation, Conception & Getting Pregnant

Tags: foot fetish hd pregnant. At the end of pregnancy the corpus luteum has usually regressed until it is no longer a prominent feature of the ovary. Shed by the yolk sac and fetal liver, alpha-fetoprotein can be used to screen for neural tube defects such as anencephaly and spina bifida developmental abnormality in which spinal cord is not fully enclosed. Stretch marks cannot be considered evidence that a woman has borne a child, however, because they sometimes are seen in women who have not been pregnant.
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As it travels toward the nucleus of the ovum at this stage called the female pronucleus , the head enlarges and becomes the male pronucleus. They result from the high hormone levels that occur during pregnancy and disappear after the pregnancy terminates. Tags: big boobs blonde close up masturbation. Read next porn frre videos
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